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701 Swann Ave #One-111, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory

$950,000 -|- Alexandria VA 22301 - Comparables and Suggestions

701 Swann Ave #One-111 is appears to be a smart purchase for many reasons. But Nesbitt Realty is not recommending you buy this condo, or any particular property in The City of Alexandria ... at least, not until your agent know your goals. It's more important to me that we find the most compatible home for you. There are an almost unlimited number of variables in play.

It will be your home. So your preferences are what matter.

What type of heating system do you prefer? Electric? Maybe you like natural gas or the warmth of an oil furnace? The most typical heating system in this area is forced air. Do you need a handicap accessible home? Or maybe, you like steps? Do you want the most expensive condo in the area, like 107 W Bellefonte Ave or do you prefer the least expensive home like 1 W Maple St #102. Continue reading "701 Swann Ave #One-111, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory"

Pursuing A Newer 3 Bedroom Property For Around $800,000

Yes, you can find a newer 3 bedroom property for around $800,000 in the Northern Virginia area. But there are only a limited number of premium places in 22301. Possibly one of them is the most suitable townhouse for you. If it's not 608 E Glendale Ave #101, then it might be one of the properties listed below. To take a closer look at this 3-bedroom 2-baths Contemporary-style townhouse, reach out to Julie Nesbitt. She is an expert on real estate for sale in Alexandria. Continue reading "Pursuing A Newer 3 Bedroom Property For Around $800,000"

1412 Main Line Blvd #102, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

Noteworthy $959,000 ⁝ Alexandria VA 22301

Purchasing a townhouse such as 1412 Main Line Blvd #102 is likely to be the most complex money investment most residents of Alexandria, Virginia will ever make. On the other hand, as a trusted local Realtor, Nesbitt Realty is a buyer client's guide who understands the emotional and informational support that home buyers need when contrasting 3-bedroom 2-baths homes in The City of Alexandria and buying a home like 1412 Main Line Blvd #102 in Alexandria. Further, there are other problems which can be challenging to overcome.  But, a real estate professional like Nesbitt can manage and overcome risks  associated with buying a townhouse in 22301. Continue reading "1412 Main Line Blvd #102, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement"
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