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Our Favorite 3 Bedroom Rentals Today 11/28/2019

Are you trying to find a $3,500 3-bedroom rental in Alexandria, Virginia? Photo of 35 W Del Ray Ave

Rentals in 22301

Stay Within Your Budget

The first step for any renter is to establish a realistic budget. Without a budget, you will not be able to make an informed decision about the type of property that you are able to afford, and you may eventually find yourself struggling to pay your rent. When drawing up a budget you need to consider your fixed costs. These are payments that must be made monthly and they cannot be altered. You need to subtract your fixed costs from your monthly income. These could include car insurance, travel costs, school fees, and debt repayments. Then, you should also subtract your living expenses such as food, entertainment, and medical bills. Once you have subtracted all these costs, you will be able to determine the amount that you have available to spend on rent per month. It is important to be realistic when you draw up your monthly expenses; and it is a good idea to include an additional amount to be set aside for emergencies, savings, and unexpected expenses. Once you have a clear idea of your rental budget, you may then start looking for a property that suits both your lifestyle requirements and is within your budget. This is a good time to contact a Rental Agent. Rental Agents have access to all the available rentals. They can ensure that you get good value for money; and best of all, they cost the renter nothing. [Learn more.] If you need an agent contact Nesbitt Realty. Nesbitt Realty always says, “Our small business gets big results.

What communities in the City of Alexandria have similarly priced rental homes?

Alexandria 1 Active
Alexandria House 2 Active
Belle Wood 1 Active
Cameron Park 1 Active
Cameron Station 1 Active
Chatham Square 1 Active
Colecroft 1 Active
Del Ray 4 Active
Duke Condominium 1 Active
Hunting Creek 1 Active
Jefferson Homes 1 Active
None Available 1 Active
Old Town 1 Active
Old Town Alexandria 1 Active
Old Town Gateway 1 Active
Old Town Greens 1 Active
Port Royal 1 Active
Portner Brewery 1 Active
Potomac Yard 1 Active
Seminary Ridge 1 Active
Sunnyside 1 Active
The Monarch 1 Active
Tobacco Quay 1 Active
[Or select your rental own criteria.] Our family business lives works and plays here and we appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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